Super Flash Cards

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Make your flash cards smarter!

Super Flash Cards will make your flash cards work for you in ways that paper cards can't. With bundled card decks, the ability to create your own decks in the app, and the ability to share and receive flash card decks, the app can support anything you need to learn. Test yourself on an entire deck or let Super Flash Cards pick just the cards you need in order to improve and stay fresh.

Super Flash Cards will present a question and up to four possible answers for you to chose from. It can present the question forwards, backwards (answer to question), or randomly both (useful for learning names to faces and faces to names). For the younger users, Super Flash Cards can read questions aloud and either show or hide the question text.

Your flash card questions and answers can each be either picture or text, there are some security settings for decks that you share, and you can set the language of your deck to ensure spoken questions will sound correct.

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